Founder and CEO of OMNIA Global, Daniel Hansen

As a natural continuation of OMNIA Global, Daniel Hansen founded Omnia Foundation in 2015. The mission was - and still is - to drive local change in projects that matters. There is no limit regarding the projects he chooses to invest in. The importance lies in the potential to make a difference.

When Daniel Hansen founded OMNIA Global, it was the passion for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation that constituted the driving forces. Never the money. However, when the business started to generate profit, the money became a means to ensure future projects that mattered, and this is still the backbone of Omnia Foundation.

Entrepreneurship is a thing that seems to have surrounded Daniel Hansen since the very beginning. He began his journey at the age of just 16, where he founded his first company. He managed to make his way through industries such as IT equipment, hotel booking software, remote backup and VoIP. This emphasises the point that it is not the industry that matters; it is the interest in scaling companies and the journey itself.


Today, Daniel Hansen has his base in Switzerland from where he runs the family office OMNIA Global. OMNIA is focused on financial engineering of acquisitions and roll-ups with a public listing as the exit. Daniel’s love for entrepreneurship expresses itself in the way that OMNIA is structured and in the very DNA of the company. The entrepreneurial spirit and creative urge are the vital core of OMNIA Global as well as Omnia Foundation. It is fair to say that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when comparing Daniel’s approach of life to OMNIA’s core brand values.

Daniel Hansen sees opportunities everywhere, and he is not afraid of pursuing them. In Daniel’s belief, the world is filled with great ideas that just need to be brought to life. And one of his most vital strengths is that he can realise just about any idea. Even though there are a lot of good ideas in the world, only few people have the drive to bring those same ideas to life. Furthermore, the financing of these ideas is often a large time consumer for most founders, and therefore, focusing on this element will create the most value.

Omnia Foundation focuses on projects all over the world and they range widely in terms of cause. Projects involve Motorsport for LIFE, Team Wounded Racing, Kessel Solar and the protection of wild, endangered animals.