Kessel Solar

Keeping dog shelters warm

Omnia Foundation supports Kessel Solar – a technology company aiming to make sure that everybody has affordable access to clean technology solutions en route to a more sustainable society. Kessel Solar puts effort into the development of residential autonomous energy solutions for local implementation.


Kessel Solar has developed the most innovative and cost-efficient residential water heating system in the world. Kessel is easy to install, highly durable and does not require any maintenance. Most importantly, Kessel reduces the energy costs for residential water heating by up to 80%.


Omnia Foundation sponsors 25 Kessels for Mexican dog shelters. The water heaters are cheap and easy for the shelters to have, and not only does the warm water provides comfortable baths for homeless dogs, but it also soothing for dogs with arthritis to get warm baths.

At Omnia Foundation, we are proud to be part of this project and to be able to spread the word of the great work at Kessel Solar.

You can read more about Kessel Solar here and on their Facebook page "Kessel Solar".