Our vision

Charity with a perceptible effect


The vision of OMNIA Global's charitable foundation is that donations to the projects we support must make a valuable difference and have a considerable effect. It is the philosophy of Omnia Foundation to get involved in projects, which are of great interest and are truly personal to the founders. Through our contributions, we strive to make a perceptible change to those affected.

Rather than giving an impersonal and less noticeable contribution to a large organisation, where the contributions easily disappear among other contributions, administration and the like, the goal for Omnia Foundation is to be personally engaged and fully committed throughout the whole process.


The projects we choose will make a valuable difference to those affected – whether it is people in need, endangered animals or entrepreneurial, fiery souls like ourselves needing that last financial help.

Our vision is to achieve the ultimate quality of life: To be able to give to those who need it.